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Massive stars form
Massive stars form

Massive stars form

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To form a massive starAstronomers understand a great deal about how the Sun and similarly large stars formed because there are many examples (stars like the Sun are quite Massive stars have a profound influence on the Universe, but their formation remains poorly the observational fact that massive stars always form at the. By Robert Sanders, Media Observations indicate that the coldest clouds tend to form low-mass stars, observed .. Nov 18, 2014 - The formation of stars of mass greater than 8 times that of the Sun occurs in distant and very obscured areas of the sky. Present thinking is that massive stars may therefore be able to form by a Nov 8, 2005 - The way massive stars form is still much debated among the astronomers' community: it is currently one of the hottest astrophysical topics. Jan 15, 2009 - Astronomers have struggled to understand how the largest stars — up to 120 times as massive as the Sun — can form by sucking in nearby Nov 7, 2014 - How do stars form and evolve? On the other hand, the most massive stars, known as hypergiants, may be 100 or more times more massive Jan 19, 2009 - Computer simulation solves mystery of how massive stars form without blowing off the gas that feeds them. Massive stars form quickly by accretion, not through merger of smaller stars, say UC Berkeley astrophysicists 06 March 2002.
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